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So what is the down side of BT Vision….

Guess what it’s customer service. Now up until yesterday my experience had been very reasonable – far, far, better than NTL, Virgin Media and Sky. But then…..

When I signed up for BT Vision the one thing I was looking forward to was the soccer experience. OK not as many matches as Sky but enough to keep me happy. As soon as I could I signed up for the Total Sport package – a mere �12 per month. This gave me the BT On demand stuff plus the Santana sorry Setanta Sports pack.  About a week after I signed up a very nice woman phoned up to take �10 off me for the Setanta card. I sat back and waited for the card to arrive and the footie to begin!

Then yesterday I received a customer services email. “we are having problems contacting you to activate your Sports package” Now this is strange they are BT, the have my home phone number, my work phone number and both my mobiles???? But no they couldn’t reach me! Hold on, they already have? So I gave them a ring. 5 minutes wait and I was through, a quite off hand lady operator informed me I hadn’t activated or paid, my bank account had been debited but they had no record, oh and the office with the details closed 10 minutes ago.

So the bottom line is I’m now �10 down, have no card for Saturday’s match (I’m a Liverpool supporter by the way) but at least I can watch it later on ‘On demand’. At this point in my discussions we hit the twilight zone….

If I only signed up to the BT Vision bit of the package I would be up and running in 24 hours but because I have gone for total sport nothing happens until i insert the damned card!!! Why? Only BT know…

So Saturday at 17:15 will find me in the pub with a bunch of Pompey supports – now do I wear the Liverpool shirt or not……


In the continuing fun of living with BT Vision I thought it might be fun to give it some ‘A’ Level results as it’s that time of year.

BT Vision Basic :

Customer Service: B

Equipment: A

Content: B

Quality of Picture: A

Overall: A

BT Vision Sports:

Customer Service A

Equipment: C

Content: D

Overall: D


So why the downer on BT Vision Sport?

Simple, the adverts start the process by being misleading. To get live Football (Soccer) you need to sign up to Setanta Sports ‘package’. This is advertised as a number of channels including Liverpool TV, Celtic TV ect. Price for this is �9.99.

On top you can have delayed matches for �4:00 (get them together for �12:00). So far so good.

The reality is a little different….

Setanta ‘package’ is only the main freeview channel not the complete package. The delayed matches aren’t all the matches – it appears that the ones shown by Sky aren’t available and only selected Setanta shown ones my or may not be available.

Result: No Liverpool TV , Celtic Tv et al. Coverage of matches even delayed is not full or particularly clear!

So with this result I have cancelled BT Vision Sport. The A for customer service came about as the excellent guy I spoke to refunded all monies spent on discovering this. So my �12 for subscription and �10 for the card.


What I have discovered is Setanta Broadband! �7.99 and all programs -hopefully.

And as a Liverpool Fan – �39.99 for a years e-season ticket – Liverpool TV , delayed matches and live commentary on all Liverpool games.


Come on BT get it right!!!

OK so I’ve now lived with BT Vision for a month or so and have to say I’m very happy. OK it hasn’t been without it’s troubles but they are minor compared to my last few months with Sky!

My problems started with Sky in two ways:

1. A gradual reduction in picture quality – the wonderful customer services (technical – that’s an extra 20 minute wait over and above the normal 30 minutes!!) advised me that 1) I needed to move to HD??? 2) It was because I now had so many more channels to pick from therefore bandwidth was compressed ‘a little’ 3) HD was causing us poorer cousins some form of knock on 4) Global warming was causing the weather shifts which ‘hurt’ the signals!!! The reality I discovered was the rather large protected Oak tree just off my property slowly sapping the signal.

2. After the ‘Anytime’ update to my box I started to suffer random re-boots, programs just not bothering to record. Advice here was it was most likely an old box – this of course was not the case as the box is only (sorry) was only 8 months old at that point.

The final thing that just put paid to Sky for me was the loss of both daughters to the big wide world and the need for movie channels, music, and American sludge operas evaporated. My needs were simple – the ability to be able to record stuff as I’d done with my Sky + box – in particular series linking and someway of getting films I wanted and programs I wanted not necessarily on now.

To my rescue came BT Vision….now I do have a little insider view of this as a couple of my work pals worked on the project with Microsoft so I knew what to expect. I have to say my expectations were unfounded it is great!!!

Now as I said at the start I have had a few hiccups and  am aware that at peak viewing times when there is bugger all on the normal channels ‘On Demand’ can be a little sluggish but once there it’s great.

I wait with baited breathe for the BT Vision Sport….but more of this in my next post.

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