So what is the down side of BT Vision….

Guess what it’s customer service. Now up until yesterday my experience had been very reasonable – far, far, better than NTL, Virgin Media and Sky. But then…..

When I signed up for BT Vision the one thing I was looking forward to was the soccer experience. OK not as many matches as Sky but enough to keep me happy. As soon as I could I signed up for the Total Sport package – a mere �12 per month. This gave me the BT On demand stuff plus the Santana sorry Setanta Sports pack.  About a week after I signed up a very nice woman phoned up to take �10 off me for the Setanta card. I sat back and waited for the card to arrive and the footie to begin!

Then yesterday I received a customer services email. “we are having problems contacting you to activate your Sports package” Now this is strange they are BT, the have my home phone number, my work phone number and both my mobiles???? But no they couldn’t reach me! Hold on, they already have? So I gave them a ring. 5 minutes wait and I was through, a quite off hand lady operator informed me I hadn’t activated or paid, my bank account had been debited but they had no record, oh and the office with the details closed 10 minutes ago.

So the bottom line is I’m now �10 down, have no card for Saturday’s match (I’m a Liverpool supporter by the way) but at least I can watch it later on ‘On demand’. At this point in my discussions we hit the twilight zone….

If I only signed up to the BT Vision bit of the package I would be up and running in 24 hours but because I have gone for total sport nothing happens until i insert the damned card!!! Why? Only BT know…

So Saturday at 17:15 will find me in the pub with a bunch of Pompey supports – now do I wear the Liverpool shirt or not……